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Eliquid Analysis

In our fully equipped analytical laboratories, our dedicated team of chemists and toxicologists provide full compositional breakdown on all e-liquids and emissions, as well as performing nicotine dosage testing, thermal degradation profiling and other important tests and assessments.

Thorough analysis is essential in ensuring that both the quality and safety of all e-liquid products meets the necessary legal standards. Acutus provides a series of stringent tests that are specifically designed to screen and identify the components of your e-liquid, recording the exact percentages of nicotine, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, as well as detecting the presence of any undesirable compounds, such as diacetyl, acetylpropinoyl, acetoin and diethylene glycol.

Our tests also detect the presence of any tobacco-specific nicotine nitrosamines (TSNAs). Identification and careful removal of these harmful carcinogens ensures that products are totally safe before being sent to market.

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Vapour Emission Testing

As well as TPD-specific analysis, Acutus provides standard batch testing for both liquids and vapours. All the tests that we apply to e-liquids are also applied to vapour emissions, which must be controlled for nicotine concentration as well as the presence of potentially harmful components, such as diacetyl, acetoin and acetyl propionyl.

Vapour emission testing also checks for the existence of other undesirable ingredients such as aldehyde compounds. These include formaldehyde, acetaldehyde and acrolein, which can be detected even in extremely low quantities. We also test for heavy metals and any tobacco-specific nicotine nitrosamines (TSNAs).

This series of tests is absolutely essential if we are to discover and eliminate any compounds in the vapour emissions that are of even the slightest toxicological concern, ensuring in the process that all of our products are 100% safe.

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CBD Testing And Analysis

Accurate preparation of nicotine containing e-liquids cannot be guaranteed 100% of the time without the use of batch testing to highlight potential manufacturing errors. Batch testing will provide a quality guarantee to your customer that the product they have purchased has been manufactured accurately. Furthermore, the British Standards Institute (BSI) recommends the use of High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) or Gas Chromatography analytical equipment to test for nicotine concentrations in e-liquid products.

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Nicotine Dose Consistency Test

Every e-liquid is only as good as the consistency of its component parts, specifically its flavour and its nicotine content. With our cutting-edge analysis equipment, we’re able to check for and maintain consistent e-liquid nicotine dosage in all our e-liquids for every inhalation for the entire life of a device.

Flavour Development

Heading up our dedicated flavour laboratory at our Belfast facility, Acutus Labs’ top flavourist and his team of expert chemists work with a comprehensive library of raw chemicals and top quality concentrates to create a range of flavours that exceeds your expectations, is wholly unique and perfect for your brand.

Toxicology Monographs

Acutus Labs provide indispensable toxicology monographs for every compound used in the creation of your products. This is essential for locating and removing any substances that are prohibited or considered dangerous. In these cases, we will strive to rectify the failure of compliance by recommending alternative safe and acceptable compounds.

TPD Compliance and Submission

There’s no point creating the perfect e-liquid if it doesn’t meet industry standards. For this reason, we place as much importance on TPD-compliance as we do on product desirability. Therefore, we make certain your brand meets all the latest industry standards, from chemical make-up to packaging, whilst maintaining its unique flavour profile.


Innovation is central to everything we do here at Acutus. It’s also at the heart of this brand new industry, which naturally is changing fast. For this reason, as well as developing our own new flavours, new technology, new manufacturing processes and new testing procedures, we also work hard to keep you, our valued customer, up to speed.

This means future-proofing your business, which in turn means making sure that you stay ahead of the curve when it comes to what’s just around the corner, not only in terms of upcoming product trends, but also the future of industry regulation.

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White Label

Acutus is proud to offer an unbeatably high quality and absolutely unique ‘white label’ range that is 100% TPD-compliant and is ready to be supplied with your own individual bespoke branding and labels.


Boasting an impressive collection of label papers and films, Acutus can achieve the exact feel you want for your brand, customising texture, colour and design to achieve the desired look at competitive rates.


Acutus Laboratories manufacture customised e-liquids in our production facility right here in the UK. All our e-liquids are created by qualified chemists and undergo full batch analysis before being bottled and distributed.


At Acutus, we understand that every client’s distribution needs are different and we pride ourselves on fitting in with your business model and pricing policies to offer you the perfect route to market.

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