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Acutus Laboratories – FAQs

Why should I become Tobacco Product Directive compliant?
Since May 2017, all e-liquids sold in the UK must be compliant with the TPD. If you attempt to sell e-liquid which is not compliant, you will face prosecution and stiff penalties. Selling a TPD-compliant product assures your customers that your e-liquids do not contain harmful materials and are made from only the highest-quality ingredients.
How does the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) effect E-liquids?
Information regarding the effect of TPD on the sale and manufacture of e-liquids can be found in Article 20 of the legislation. Access TPD text here.
Do your laboratory tests assess product safety as well TPD-compliance?
Yes, we employ additional measures to ensure that the products you wish to sell are 100% safe, as well as TPD-compliant. If your products are found to be unsafe, we can offer practical suggestions to overcome these issues.
How is the data you produce reported to me?
We can send you the raw data you require for your application. We can also offer an interpretation of the data to make it easier to understand, as well as offering reformulation information should it be necessary to meet the TPD standards.

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