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Welcome to Acutus Laboratories

At Acutus Laboratories, we are setting the standard for the production of e-liquid and nicotine products throughout the UK and Ireland, quickly gaining a reputation as industry leaders at the forefront of innovation and e-liquid technology.

We achieve this by working together with some of the most prestigious and successful domestic and global brands, creating for them original, unique products, helping them to attain new product approvals and generally ensuring that all our testing procedures are of the highest possible quality.

We also provide cutting-edge chemical testing and analysis using the latest toxicology research data and we offer constantly updated regulatory guidance to ensure that all our e-liquid products are fully compliant at every step of the testing process, from initial formulation to packaging and delivery.

Add to this our passion, creativity and unparalleled industry knowledge and insight, and you’ll begin to see why so many companies are turning to Acutus Labs for peace of mind and a much greater chance of success.

Nicotine Dose Consistency

Here at Acutus Laboratories, using the latest testing equipment in our state of the art labs, we ensure that the nicotine levels in all our e-liquids are consistent and will remain so for each and every inhalation throughout the life of a device.

Toxicology Monographs

We provide toxicology monographs for each compound found in your products, advising you if they contain restricted or dangerous substances. When these substances are located, we can almost always recommend alternative compounds to rectify the compliance failure.

TPD Compliance

We make absolutely certain that your brand meets the very latest TPD standards in this constantly changing regulatory landscape, whilst maintaining your own unique e-liquid flavour profile. We also offer advice and guidance for TPD-compliant packaging.

Flavour Development

In our dedicated flavour laboratory, with its extensive library of unbeatable quality concentrates and raw chemicals, our top flavourist will work closely with you to build a flavour range that is totally unique and perfect for your brand.

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working in partnership with your business…

At Acutus Laboratories, we are 100% committed to the success of your business. Therefore, developing a close working partnership with you is of paramount importance to us. The better we get to know you and your brand’s unique personality, the better we are able to focus our skills on creating and delivering products and services that are unique to you and will exceed your expectations.

We pride ourselves not only on applying the highest possible standards of testing and quality control, but also on the fact that we’re able to offer such consistently high levels of service for such reasonable prices.

At Acutus, the combination of our expertise, our innovation and our insistence on unparalleled quality will allow you to face all the unique challenges this industry faces, overcome them and succeed.


With cutting-edge technology, ground-breaking innovation and regulatory diligence, Acutus Labs’ unbeatable quality is absolutely guaranteed.


Our service is characterised by our expertise, our approachability and our solid commitment to your success.


We make sure your products are fully TPD-compliant, from correct nicotine dosage to primary packaging.


At the dawn of a booming new industry, Acutus Laboratories is proud to be one of its most daring innovators.

Committed to understanding the needs of our clients

Because every client is unique, we make it our business to get to grips with your business. Only by gaining a genuine understanding of your individual needs and requirements can we hope to meet them. So that’s what we do. Every time.

Creating the Future Together

At Acutus, we’re at the forefront of a revolutionary new industry. The technology at the heart of it is evolving continually and we’re proud to be a part of that evolution, bringing our own innovative talents to bear on the creation of new systems, procedures and products.

We know that if we want to stand out in this booming industry, we have to be innovative. Thankfully, with our state-of-the-art testing facility and our incredible team of expert chemists, innovation is something that comes naturally to us.

Collaborating with forward-looking clients who are equally excited about being a part of this industry is one of the things that drives us forward, giving us the opportunity to combine our knowledge, insight and creativity to create new products. So, if you’re excited about the revolution, join us.