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Cannibidiol (CBD)

Cannibidiol (CBD)

First isolated as a unique compound from the Cannabis sativa plant in the 1940s, cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive plant-derived analogue of a class of chemicals produced by the body as signal molecules called endocannabinoids. As CBD interacts with the same physiological systems in the body, considerable research has focused on the medicinal and health effects of CBD and other plant-derived cannabinoids.

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Our CBD Products

An initial focus of our affiliated Consumer Cannabinoid Delivery Program has been to maximise our knowledge of eLiquids as a nicotine vector to produce quality CBDLiquids to deliver high-purity CBD isolated from organic hemp in a controlled, known, and quantitated form for consumers.

We aim to guarantee that our CBD is of the highest purity available from our producers and suppliers by verifying 3rd Party analytical information received with each batch, and to test each of our in-house CBDLiquid formulations, validating each formulation’s strength.

Marrying novel product research and design with our existing knowledge base amassed via nicotine eLiquids, we aim to produce a range of stable, accurately assayed, naturally flavoured consumer CBDLiquids for those who wish to explore this compound for themselves.

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Why is this Important?

Academic research on recently deregulated cannabinoid markets in the US has already shown massive deficits in quality and quantity of CBD in products – claims are made, but there is no substance to support them – we aim to provide surety that our CBDLiquids contain on the label only and exactly what they contain in each bottle.

Acutus Services for CBD

As CBD is a naturally occurring product extracted from hemp, it important to ensure the quality and purity of the CBD that is used for final products. Our analytical services will provide accurate purity determination of CBD isolates and the accurate quantification of CBD in oil and E-liquid formulations. Furthermore, our experienced formulation development team can aid with the optimisation of CBD oils and E-liquids to ensure product stability and, were required, balanced flavourings.

Cannabidiol (CBD) and Hemp Analysis Submissions

Acutus Laboratories offers a full range of services for CBD quantification, Cannabinoid profiling, terpene
analysis, heavy metals and pesticides. We have expertise in the preparation and analysis of a wide range
of CBD products including E-liquids, oil-based tinctures, chocolates, gummies and isolates. Furthermore,
our team of chemists have considerable experience in CBD product research and development and can
provide tailored services for E-liquids, oil-based tinctures, CBD drinks and water-soluble CBD product

Acutus is a centre of excellence with an ethos to consistently exceed our clients expectations. We pride ourselves in providing the highest standard of services using the latest analytical equipment and working to and within ISO 9001 and ISO 17025.

1Cannabinoid ProfilingCost per Sample (£)
1 - 4 Samples100
5+ Samples80
Terpene AnalysisCost per Sample (£)
1 - 4 Samples100
5+ Samples80
2Heavy MetalsCost per Sample (£)
1 - 4 Samples100
5+ Samples80
PesticidesCost per Sample (£)
1 - 4 Samplesfrom 350
5+ Samplesfrom 300
3MycotoxinsCost per Sample (£)
1 - 4 Samples275
5+ Samples250
  2. Aluminum, Chromium, Copper, Iron, Lead, Nickel, Silver, Tin, Titanium, Vanadium, Calcium, Magnesium, Molybdenum, Mercury, Phosphorus, Zinc, Manganese, Sulphur, Boron, Silicon, Sodium, Cadmium, Arsenic
  3. Aflatoxins B1, B2 , G1 and G2

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