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CBD Testing And Analysis

How can Acutus Labs help you?

Precise Analytical Testing

Testing CBD products is complicated.  The accurate quantification of multiple cannabinoids in a diverse and complex range of products requires an extensive knowledge of sample preparation and analytical chemistry.  Without this knowledge and skill base laboratories are unlikely to produce reliable results.

At Acutus Laboratories we offer first-class analytical services working to an ISO 17025 standard using fully validated test methods with the latest analytical equipment.  Out team of analytical chemists have expertise in the preparation and analysis of a wide range of CBD products including:


Creams and Balms

Oils/ Tinctures


Capsules and solid oral dosage forms

Edibles (Gummies and Chocolates)

Water Soluble CBD Infused Drinks

Bath Bombs/ Bath Salts

By working with Acutus Laboratories manufacturers suppliers and sellers can be assured that the CBD products provided to your customers contains exactly what is stated on the label. 

Analytical Services

Additional analytical services can be provided for CBD and Hemp products including terpene analysis, pesticides, heavy metals and mycotoxins.

ISO17025 and IS09001 Guaranteed
All analysis is conducted to recognised industry standards ISO17025 and IS09001 and a detailed Certificate of Analysis is provided for all testing.

Legislative Guidance

The law requires that any of the psychoactive components of the cannabis plant, including tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabiniol (CBN), must be no greater than 1 mg per packaged product.  Acutus Laboratories can provide the accurate profiling of 10 cannabinoids, to guarantee that your product complies both with this law and that the quantity of CBD in the product reflects the product label.  Acutus will provide the necessary support and guidance to ensure your products meet the required legalisation of:

The Psychoactive Substance Act

Novel Food Act

Controlled Drugs Act

CPSR for Cosmetics and Skincare

CBD Product Development

Acutus Laboratories has an experienced team of chemists to aid with the development of new CBD products. We can help you develop a tailored range of e-liquids, oil tinctures, bath bombs and salts, CBD infused drinks, creams and balms. This can be achieved by creating a ‘white label’ version of one of our products or by formulating your own signature product.

The Process to Making Your Signature Products

Product Planning and Development

Here you will work with a talented team of scientists to formulate a product that is entirely for you and to meet your business needs.  Our flavourists can design individual flavours to maximise taste in the presence of CBD isolates or distillates.

Formulation Finalisation and Testing

This is the point in the process where the full optimisation of your product happens. This is where you can sample the flavour, colour and smell of your product and the active ingredient (CBD) is tested for potency. This step is repeated until you are satisfied with the product.  All Quality Control testing is conducted to strict ISO17025 standards and a Certificate of Analysis documenting all results is provided.

Manufacturing and Packaging

When you are happy with your product formulation manufacturing can begin. This is conducted by our sister company Webottle who have the ability to make and package a wide range of products. All manufacturing is strictly controlled to ISO9001 standards. Our team can also help you design packaging and labelling that both fits with your company’s vision and complies with all regulatory standards.

Acutus can provide accurate batch testing, with fast turnaround times and at very competitive prices with increasing testing numbers. 

Fast, Accurate, Affordable Batch Testing.

Accurate preparation of CBD products cannot be guaranteed 100% of the time without the use of batch testing to highlight potential manufacturing errors. As CBD is relatively expensive, errors in production can be costly if the product has not been manufactured correctly. Furthermore, batch testing will provide a quality guarantee to your customer that the product they have purchased has been manufactured accurately. The quality can be emphasized by a Certificate of Analysis (COA) to confirm both the correct CBD concentration and ensure that THC is below the legal limit of 1 mg per product/packet, which most suppliers now request with CBD and Hemp products.